Guest Writers Wanted

So far we have had two guest writers featured on our blog. And man, did they nail it or what?! If you have not read Nick’s and John’s blog, stop everything you are doing and read them. NOW!

Well since they were such a hit and we LOVE sharing (we are parents, sharing is our freaking job) we decided to take this series to the next level. We have some amazing men and women lined up to entertain, enlighten and inspire you over the next few months.They are being awesome enough to share their stories, scars and soapboxes with The Shitty Housewife and YOU!
Most of these amazing folks are not writers. They are just normal, honest, real people who have something to say. And that is what The Shitty Housewife is all about. We don’t seek perfection, we seek imperfection. We want to show people real stories from real people. And we found some great ones!!
So get ready for Who’s Next Wednesday’s here at The Shitty Housewife, because it is going to kick ass. I might be the most mediocre person ever, but these guest writers are not! And if you want to be a guest, let me know. We all have a story, tale, situation, or idea that we want to tell. So tell me, I am dying to hear!!!
The Shitty Housewife

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