From the guy with no emotions..

Nick is a lover of dogs, horror movies and tacos. He spends his spare time napping and playing with his beautiful little girl, Josselyn.

What it’s like to be the guy that doesn’t do “emotion”?

The way I was raised was to nut up. Head down and get over it. Get hurt? Get over it. Someone hurt your feelings? Get over it. So on and so forth, because dwelling, or even talking about it wont change a damn thing. So when people like me get hit with rough situations, or any situation we feel attacked or in need of defense, we go back to that way of thinking. Head down… And get over it.

In sad or mourning times this can be very helpful but also very painful. We learn that we have to be the strong ones for other people. Show that we can get through it and they can too. It sucks sometimes not being able to sit there and scream and yell and cry in pain…. That sounds so satisfying.. But that’s just not how we deal. We hold our heads up and put our shoulders back and hold strong so everyone around us can have that vulnerable moment they need. We become their protector in that moment.

Loving a person like me probably sucks sometimes.. I see that.. But we are the same people who will always be there for you because we’ve protected so many people and had so many tear stains on our shirts, that we’d never intentionally make someone go through that. We are emotionally broken so you can be emotionally free.

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