Top 5 Things We Should Stop Mom-Shaming


I was having a rough weekend this weekend in the ol mom department. Lots of yelling, lots of low patience and lots of beating myself up. I know it happens to the best of us, but I started thinking about it and how it is time for us to STOP! Here are the 5 top things I tear my own mom ass up about and why I need to stop! Mom shaming ourselves or anyone else for these things is just unacceptable. We are all doing our best and need to approach momlife with a little more grace. 

  1.  TV Time- We have all joked about it, memed about, pretended the TV didn’t exist when friends are over. But the TV can be a lifesaver. We all know this, so why do we beat ourselves up about using it? Sometimes they need to chill out and be entertained while we do our thing. I don’t think it the worst thing in the world, as a parent, to throw on a show, let them zone out while you get your shit done. I’m not saying to the TV on all day and ignore your kids, but if you have a few hours where you need that, you do you. But I am saying use it to your advantage when you need it. And STOP beating yourself up for it!


  1. Organic Food- I am a firm believer in not mom shaming yourself for this. Of course nourishing them with everything they need for health and longevity is vital, but if they want a happy meal and you don’t feel like toting the whole gang through Kroger, do it. I know we compare what we are feeding our kids to everyone else, but we aren’t everyone else! You are you and who doesn’t love a dinner of doritos and ice cream every once in awhile. Iknow me and my kids do. So STOP beating yourself up for it!


  1. Yelling- I did not think I was going to be a yelling mom, but I am. But my kids are yelling kids! We are just an overall yelling family. The thing about us yelling, is that we do it, get our point across and then the shit is done. We move on.  No grudges, no anger, just getting shit done. Sometimes the only way to get through to a toddler is raising your voice and there is nothing wrong with it. I get sitting down and having a calm conversation with your kids and assisting them with understand the problem, but there are some times that yelling is the only answer. Getting out that mom rage can help for a better day in the long run. So STOP beating yourself up over it!


  1. Social Media Comparisons- We all do it. We scroll and see other moms with their shit together. Hair and make-up done. Their kids and themselves cute and stainless. Their bodies all post baby weight. Pinteresting, cooking, smiling. THEY HAVE BAD DAYS TOO! We have to remember that and not make them feel bad. They just happen to be great with filters (and lies!!!!) J/K. Some parents just nail things, and social media makes us all so aware of it. Don’t let that make you feel weird or less. EVER. SO STOP beating yourself up over it.


  1. Your body- Okay, I am going to take the lead on this one ladies. We must stop shaming our bodies for how they look after becoming a mom. Of course I work out and eat right, but I changed my mindset on it. I don’t do it to be skinny or have a six pack. I do it to be healthy and to gain energy. My body is a fucking temple that created life. My body allowed me to be a mom, so why do I get mad it at for not looking like it used too. This behavior must stop.Work out, eat right but more importantly, love yourself and your body for being so damn incredible. So STOP beating yourself up for it!


Again, this all starts with me. I will stop if you do. We must be proud that we get to love these kids and see them grow and change the world. We are perfect parents for our kids with all of our imperfections included. I’m going to let these go starting now! I am all they need and my decisions of a few shows or french fried is not going to ruin their lives! My life either!   


Jan O

The Shitty Housewife

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