Hello Old Friends


Oh my god, it has been so long since I have written, I forgot how to use WordPress. YIKES.

Not sure why I took such a break. I guess things got weird. I graduated and I was basically asked to leave my job…..long story for another time. I was job hunting like a fool and landed upon this AWESOME one. Like, I don’t know how I even got this gig and how I am not fired by now, but I am not. I think they actually like me. Yeah, I stare at a computer all day. Yeah, it is very corporate. Yeah, there are a shitload of rules. But man, I busted my ass for this sort of work and the paychecks are AMAZING!!!!!!!

The week I started the kids got out of school for the summer. Matt started looking for a new job (AND ALSO GOT A GREAT ONE!) and life took over. And I needed to let it. I needed to focus on the family, the changes, my work.

But I am settling in and well. I feel like all the changes, although scary and unknown, have been exciting and well deserved. I am one to think so much good is happening, when is the shoe going to drop, but maybe it won’t. Maybe working towards a goal and a better life means actually reaching your goal and gaining a better life.

Also, I wanted to break from broadcasting my views. There comes a point with social media that it just gets gross. Everyone has an idea, a thought, a brand, A FUCKING OPINION. I just wanted to quiet mine for awhile and not be so open about certain things. I also had to lay off the scrolling. It was making me so depressed and irritated and angry. Then it hit me one day. Here I am all pissed off and all I am doing about it is replying to some fucked up meme. Fighting how woman are NOT treated equally, or guns ARE too easily accessible and how Trump IS actually the worst person ever. Saying all this to a damn MEME. But what the fuck is replying to those things going to actually do….just piss me off even more, right? So I stopped scrolling. Stopped voicing my opinion. I was quiet for awhile and regrouped. And I am so glad I did. I feel refreshed, energized and unaffected by memes (okay, slight lie there….)

But my hope is to make my way back here. To you guys…my three fans, who are actually just friends who feel like it is mandatory to read my shit!

I have some fun stuff to talk about….and by fun, I mean funny, lame and def mediocre (isn’t that what you expect from me!)

Anyway, good to be here, not sure if I will actually remember how to post this, but fingers crossed.


The Shitty Housewife

Jan O

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