Who You Callin’ Shitty?

So am I a shitty housewife? Yeah, I am. Not intentionally, but if you compared me to another housewife I would be the shittier of the two.

Look, I love being a wife, I love having a home “to keep” and I adore taking care of my kids. But no one is ever going to give me a ‘housewife of the year’ award. Truth is, I am 100% okay with that. I am really good at making my kids laugh. I am even better at putting a huge smile on my husband’s face at any moment during the day. And I am the best at drinking a lot of Miller Highlife while maintaining a flat belly.

We all cannot be good at everything. And in this day and age of Facebook and Instagram, man it is easy to look like you are. But I am here to create a space where perfection is the PITS! In fact perfect is not welcome. I want a place where I can be myself. My true, real, semi-shitty, and totally awesome self. A place where a selfie showing my deflated, teeny, tiny breasts is welcomed because they nursed three humans. A place where I can talk about how I try every day to make this household how it is “supposed” to be, but I am having a hard time trying to fit that mold. A place where that mold is just fucking lame. A place where being myself is the best and being someone I am not is the absolute worst. A place where YOU and I can admit who we are and be crazy proud of that person. My name is Jan-O.

Welcome to The Shitty Housewife.