Fuck You Farrah

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah

Every now and then I get roped into watching some mind numbing reality tv shows. Wait, I gotta be honest with ya, I am slightly more addicted to shit tv than I’m comfortable admitting.  Everything from Couples Therapy and Jersey Shore, to Intervention and Where Are They Now, Real Life and Teen Mom 1,2 and now Teen Mom O.G. Some of you may have caught a few episodes or you are completely enthralled and wont miss a second of the drama.

Some of the people on these shows have some personalities that you really relate to, even maybe say to your self, “Man have I been there” or you really think, “I could hang out with that guy/girl.” Whether it be Snookie, Jay Wow or Pauly D to Vanilla Ice and Ron Jeremy on Big Brother.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has gotten under my skin, and I’m sure under the skin of most halfway decent people that have ever had the displeasure of watching M.T.V’s Teen Mom O.G.’s

Farrah Abraham, known by some as “Backdoor Teen Mom” or the headline dancer at Palazio’s Gentleman’s Club in Austin, Texas.  To me that’s all well in good, do what you do. But the part that really chaps my ass is her relationship with her mother and her interactions with the crew that has the miserable displeasure of having to spend their work day getting bitched at for wearing shoes in her house or using a glass in her cabinet for a glass of water. She is such an out and out bitch that she made M.T.V. get an outhouse for the sound man and camera man to use. Mind you, these two guys are the same two that have filmed her segments for the past six years. Just to give you an idea, one of the other teen moms on the show recently had another baby and asked her sound woman to be the babies god mother!

On a recent episode Farrah had asked her mother to watch Sophia while she was away on a business trip. Sophia is Farrah’s rotten little brat daughter who is constantly hitting her grandmother, sticking her tongue out and just plain being a miniature version of her mother.  I know that picking on the kid is not very grown up, but this isn’t about me!

So more about her, in the conversation with her mother she says, “Mom I just want you to know that I have rules at my house.” These rules included “using to much detergent when doing laundry.” Just so everyone is clear here, her mom lost her job in an attempt to schedule the multi week baby sitting engagement. She basically put her life on hold to help out her daughter.

On Farrah’s Wikipedia page it states that Farrah and her mother have always had a tumultuous relationship. When Farrah found out that she was preggo at 16, her mother denied her an abortion. A lot of Farrah’s actions and comments towards her mom makes me wonder if she resents her mother for having to grow up too fast.  As they say Play ya Play.

Now that I have said that, I really need to say this: Farrah Abraham is a self centered, disrespectful, plastic surgery laden piece of shit.  The way that she speaks to her mother makes me sick to my stomach.  The way she allows her daughter to treat adults drives me fucking insane.  She was recently invited by a friend to a party in the Hamptons as a +1. When the host of the party found out that she was coming, an email was sent saying that she was not welcome. She then showed her face with her mother and manager there anyway and was quickly showed the door, a highlight of my reality television watching career.  She truly is the bottom of the barrel.

I, myself, have never been at a loss for words. I consider myself a decent conveyer of words, yet I  feel like a small visual aide should be included. So here is a small mish-mash of some of this despicable human, for your viewing pleasure.   I hope she gives you the same blood curdling, stomach rolling, ‘who shit their pants’ feeling that she gives me.

I very rarely use the word hate, but I hate her, and to tell you the TRUMP truth, I’m not a real big fan of her daughter either.  For your viewing pleasure or maybe just to bring you down to my level we have included here you go. Check out this skank in all of her glory.

12 thoughts on “Fuck You Farrah

  1. Maria says:

    I absolutely LOATHE this piece of shit girl. She is truly a nasty human being. The way she treated her father too. But one can only wonder how her mother raised her. How did she get to be so down to the CORE nasty? Just plain NASTY? I love that she got the door slammed in her face! Wish I could have seen that one! The fact that she just THINKS she is ‘All That’ just riffles my feathers more than ANYthing too. we all knew that little brat of hers would turn out just like her too. Totally unbelievable. Why the mother doesn’t just cut her out of her life is baffling to me – she keeps running back to her like a lost puppy who loves being abused. And I also heard something about her wanting to ADOPT a baby!! If anyone lets HER adopt another child they are OUTSIDE of their minds!

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  2. Heather Morgan says:

    She’s a douchebag kunt nazi. I hate her & her nasty, creepy, ugly daughter. SHAME on you MTV for continuing to pay her…even if it’s not enough (as said by the kunt herself). Simon, you should know better……I’m sure her twat ain’t made of gold, so why would you even entertain the idea of marrying her. I can’t stand her sense of entitlement….she’s nothin but a white trash whore

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  3. erik says:

    She is not only ugly and nasty…..she is dumb as a stump. I also think she has a serious mental problem. A chemical imbalance. Sane people do not behave this way. They don’t treat people this way. She loves to use the phrases “I keep it real” and “Im not fake”……yet her body is now 80 % plastic. Nothing real or ‘not fake’ about that. I would love nothing more than to see EVERYONE turn their backs on her. Stop talking to her….stop filming her….stop paying her. MTV….her mother…. EVERYONE !!!! She’d fall apart instantly……she doesn’t run on her own steam. Her fame is kept alive by our attention….by money….not blood, sweat, and tears of hard work. She NEEDS us….she NEEDS Mtv…..she NEEDS her mommy……yet she’s too stupid….too unbelievably unintelligent to see that she’s biting the hands that feed her. She REALLY believes she’s doing this on her own….on her ….”talent”….. Take away the fuel and she will stall out…..

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  4. Sara says:

    I feel that the Farrah’s daughter to some degree knows that her mothers treatment of grandma is wrong.
    When she hits grandma or refuses to give her a kiss, but in another clip, Sophia will even tell Farrah to quit being mean to grandma.
    Farrah’s own daughter tells her she has a bad attitude. Big word for a little girl.
    At some point Sophia will see these clips and remember how rude she was to Debra ( grandma) and how horrible farrah was to her mom too.
    Hopefully Sophia will get therapy early WITHOUT Farrah being in the room and talking over her.
    Hopefully Sophia and Debra will be able to have a healthy relationship before Debra gets too old or dies.
    If that were to happen Sophia would hate her own mom for teaching and letting her be so horrible to her grandmother.
    It’s not Sophia fault that she is so awful.
    This is what she has learned from Farrah.
    How could we possibly expect Sophia to be any different.
    Also because Farrah is so rude and short sighted, Sophia will probably not have many friends or play dates.
    Why? Because Farrah would say something shitty to Sophia s friend or the friends mother, pretty soon no one is going to be allowed to play with her.
    I feel really sorry for Sophia. She doesn’t have a choice.
    Farrah needs to just shut up.
    SHE DIDNT GET THIS NASTY UNTIL AFTER she made the adult butt film.
    Now she mad at herself and blaming people for everything.


  5. Ivy says:

    Sophia n Farrah plz get them off the show they both are UGLY AND SCARY LOOKING! Farrah did so much to herself but looks uglier n no I’m not jealous of ugly. So why can’t she get soneo e nice and handsome e n from this country? With her looks all she gS is a camel jockey who doesn’t teven like her either but when the LIGHTS ARE OFF
    Farrah ur daughter is very very very very UGLY was her father half troll n half pig. No that comes from ur side of the family u have pug noses. U can see Sophia’s brain from her pig nose. Get get off the show she is a big fat mess.


  6. Ivy says:

    Farrah n Sophia are the ugliest assholes Ive ever seen get those scary things off the show asap
    Farrah can only get a camel hockey cause they go for anyone. He’s a creep n can’t stand u bitch m. Ur new teeth look like my grammar false teeth. What do u use polident to clean en at night? Get off the show plz u and that ugly troll gremlin daughter
    She us really UGLY


  7. Tracy Fontsere says:

    That kid has the look of a future serial killer. When someone else called her a troll I was like Yes! That’s it! I hate to be so mean about a child but when she hits puberty and starts giving her mother what for, Farrah will get it right back in the ass. Which I think she needs. Such a cunt! My mother hit me, emotionally abused and manipulated me my whole life and I still talk to her line she’s a human being with feelings. You know why? Because I’m a fucking grown up who got help for my shit and don’t need to blame my parents for everything! At some point you either hitch up your big girl panties and find a way to be civil if you’re going to be in each others lives or you cut Em out! You don’t allow your spoiled child to talk to adults like that and you certainly do not let them make adult decisions! I’d day we can look forward to the kid being on Teen Mom Legacy with her own teenage pregnancy, but unless Farrah can find a way to get the kid plastic surgery before she’s 21 she’s probably not going to have much luck dating


  8. Mrs p says:

    Farrah is a nasty disgusting rude bitch…she is no roll model for kids or teenagers…..her daughter is more intelligent than hervbut acts a twat like her mum to please her!!!fucking sad…sack her from teen mom so she can be poor white trailer trash that she really is!!!!!!her dad is so nice….how!!!!!!


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