Screw You Easter Bunny


Easter Candy. I just spent more than half my paycheck on candy. Pastel colored jelly beans and chocolate covered bunnies. I know, I have three baskets to fill, but what the fuck???? Do they hike the prices up this time of year??? SO many things about this holiday are just so bizarre. I am not a religious person, but I know Easter is not about a basket filled of goodies at all. And why on earth are eggs even involved. Bunnies do not lay eggs, so why does the Easter Bunny leave them??? Look, I know tomorrow morning my disgusting angels are going to wake up and be over joyed to have their hunt and chow on candy all day. I know once they enter school, these holidays are going to be even more exploited and more intense. And I know their happiness comes way before my irritation, but damn holidays….CHILL THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!

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