The Superbowl

I just don’t get it. Why the hell do football players, coaches and all that is involved with a GAME (besides cheerleaders) get paid so much fucking money? I mean all they do is play a game!!!!!!
I get that it is hard, and demanding and you can get seriously injured, but for real. THAT MUCH MONEY???? While there are teachers, nurses, non profit workers out there changing the world and struggling to pay rent.
I like watching football. It is fun and interactive, I just can never get past the stupid money they make for NOT MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Now I know there are some players who do great things with their money, but yeah, they fucking should! You are playing a game and you do not deserve that much cash. Players get an extra $97,000 bonus for winning the Super Bowl and $49,000 for losing. To them, that is shit. To the normal everyday Joe, that is a years worth of work if not 2 and sometimes even 3 years!!!! It is crazy. What they get for a bonus a teacher gets in 2 years of educating the future of America. THAT SHIT IS WRONG!!!!
So F-U Super Bowl and all your money thrown at men who can throw a ball really well.

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