Kathryn Hahn and Tom Hanks

I haven’t posted one of these in awhile. And maybe because Hollywood is falling apart at the moment??!!! Like for real, every guy you ever had a crush on is a some sort of creeper. I mean, I guess it really shouldn’t come as a huge shock, but it is awful and creepy as fuck. But today I thought about all the cool people out there. Who are good and normal, and not creepers. And I was inspired to do a Mastubration Monday again.

Tom Hanks…..now if it comes out that he is a creep, my world will be shattered. Mr. Hanks seems like one of us….who happens to be in every incredible movie ever made. So nice, so down to earth, so normal. And although, I probably won’t masturbate thinking about him, I will always appreciate the nice guy vibe he puts out there. So thank you Tom, for keeping real. Keeping it classy and keeping it NOT creepy.

Now for my current girl crush. Kathryn Hahn….OMG, I fucking love this woman and would do anything to have a mom date with her. She is funny, she is real, she is beautiful and she is super sexy. Of course she is killing it in Bad Moms, but was killing it way before that as well. She is one of those actresses who has been around forever and has gotten better with age. Her smile is contagious and I am so happy to be celebrating her today!

Enjoy your non-creepy Masturbation Monday! I hope you all get some alone time to have a good release today!


Jan O

The Shitty Housewife

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