Dear Matt,


Dear Matt,
Two years. 24 months. 730 days….we have been husband and wife. Crazy right?! But not crazy at all because I know you are my person for this lifetime and many more.

I know you are my person because you calm me and excite me all at the same time. I know you are my person because you fight me and agree with me. You boost me and humble me. You accept me for all the good and all the bad. You make me wake up and think to myself “how can I be better.”  You make me feel safe. Safe in all the ways I never imagined I would feel safe. You have restored my faith in men. So much I had lost. Maybe because of my own father, and my own poor decisions with boyfriends in the past. But you came in and gave that faith back to me ten fold. You allowed me to believe in myself in ways I never thought possible. Since I met you I have never thought “I can’t do that.” Now, because of how you make me feel about myself, I believe I can accomplish anything. You make parenting, the scariest/roughest/dirtiest job so easy. As a mom I question myself every few minutes. But you walk in and make those doubts and my “mom guilt” disappear.

But most of all, out of all those things, you have nailed the single most important thing a man can do for his wife. You make me feel ridiculously loved…EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I will go to my grave astonished at how you do this. Since the moment I became your wife, 730 days ago, you have shown me unconditional love, every day. You have taken the role of my husband and excelled at it so much. I always knew that I would be beyond proud to be your wife. But in the past 2 years you have taken your role, as my husband, and showed me you are just as proud. Even on days that we argue, nit pick and bug each other, you always go one step above that and love me for it. It is simply incredible. And the love you make me feel as your wife is something that I grow enormously grateful for every moment we have together.

Thank you for giving all of this to me. I only hope I give just as much back to you in my own way. There is absolutely nothing shitty about our love for each other and I am forever indebted to whatever force brought us together.

Happy Anniversary my love. Till death do us part….


Your Shitty Housewife

Jan O







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