New Year Old Me


It is the beginning of January. The time of year when everyone is feeling like setting new goals, new budgets, new workouts, new attitudes. It is a time to renew yourself and your life and have a huge sense of change in your daily living. We set new goals for ourselves to be more adult, more responsible, resolving to make our our lives more fufilled.

You know what I am saying this year…..FUCK THAT. I am saying new year, old me. And this year I am keeping my resolution!

I have tried the whole “New Me” thing several times. Eating better, starting a new excersie program, drinking more water, saving more money, being more patient. I have done it all. But as I began thinking about what I wanted to improve this year, it dawned on me. Remember when I used to be young and much more fun? The old me would resolve to make more friends. The old me would resolve to dance more. The old me would resolve to pet more animals and play more jump rope. The old, younger, innocent, child Jan would see the new year as a time to take something I love and do more of it. Living life to the fullest and making myself happy in any way I know how. The kid Jan would never to vow to do more of something I never really enjoyed. What kinda life goal is that???

So this year, I am reaching out to the child that has been pushed away by this life of adulting and asking her, what do you love and what should adult Jan do more of? I took days to reflect on this and I was so suprised and excited about what came to fruition.

I want to celebrate birthdays better. Remember when your friends birthdays were just as exciting as yours??? It is time to get that feeling back. I want to play more. Not just get so wrapped up in the daily grind of work, school, parenting….I want to play kickball and jump rope. Not just watch my kids play, I want to do it. I want to do more fun things with my hair, nails and clothes, like 20ish year old Jan used too. Now, I only doing things for my kids, I have completely lost myself and all of my accessory funkyness. I want to flirt more (with my husband) I want to laugh more, I want to thank people more, but mostly, I want to live life more.

I am so sick and tired of setting expectations that are not feeding my mind and my happiness. Yes, I need to eat better, work out more, save money, and be more patient. But these things should not be something I resolve to do in January. They should just happen as life happens. But you should resolve to better YOU by recreating old things that make you happy.

So cheers to January and making life more fun. Now if you’ll exuse me I need to go play Barbie and Spiderman with my kids…..I asked them to save Cabbage Patch baby for me!


The Shitty Housewife

One thought on “New Year Old Me

  1. Karen says:

    Like you’RE thinking
    Life is short. We need to do all the things ER know what we’ should Do and we should do them. But more importantly we should Live and laugh and play Pie Face and Barbies. With our children and grandchildren!! Laugh alot ,kiss alot. Love alot. Be happy!!
    Love Mom


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