James Marsden and Rachel McAdams

So I wanted to start the new year with a bang and by celebrating Masturbation Monday with two people I would like to bang. I have been a bg fan of both of these hotties for many years now. They both are beyond dreamy and both I could stare at for days.

Rachel McAdams is just simply stunning. She makes guys drool and women want to befriend her. Seriously, as cruel as she was in Mean Girls, I still wanted to hang out so badly with Regina George. And recently, her short role  South Paw, where she was drop dead gorgeous….and then she dropped dea, well it almost killed me too. I love her. LOVE HER!

James Marsden……god damn. Man, could this guy just stick his fork in me, because when I see him, I am done. He is so damn sexy….and that smile. It last for days. I was even turned on when he was the freaking Easter Bunny in Hop. James is the definition of handsome. I love him. LOVE HIM!

So I hope you enjoy this first edition of 2017 Masturbation Monday. It was certainly fun for me. Happy Tug Day Guys!


The Shitty Housewife

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