My Year in Review

Well this shitty year is coming to a close. I guess not everyone thinks this year was the pits, but I do think a lot of people can agree….2016 was rough. We lost a lot of amazingly talented people. The election just about killed everyone. And somehow, someway….a man who openly agrees grabbing a woman’s vagina without her consent is okay became the most powerful man in the world. So yeah, we have seen better years.

This year has been okay for me. Like everyone I have had good days and bad days. Of course, it has been another year of love and happiness when it comes to my cute little family, but it has been an intense year for us as well. This year was way more stressful than the previous year when we sold a house, moved, had a wedding and a third baby! I am not sure what made it seem so much harder, but it was. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to reflect on my year personally. Things I experienced personally. Nothing will round up this lame year like calling myself out on some shit! Here we go….

1. I became a working mom……I have been working very part time since I became a mom. But this year, I made the choice to go back full time. It has been great but very hard on me emotionally. I miss my kids. I hate missing things they are doing and experiencing. I beat myself up for talking shit about staying at home for so long. I took it for granted so much. I do enjoy having a paycheck and being able to help with expenses. I do enjoy getting away and having adult conversation. But I miss my stay at home mom days so much.

2. I started The Shitty Housewife….man this blog has been amazing for me. I have had so much fun expressing myself and releasing so much honesty. I have seen self growth that I haven’t experienced in years because of this site. I freaking love it and all of you who read it.

3. I became more political….I feel like I was always someone who followed politics, but this year, the election effected me in a way like never before. I know that I am the change. I know that I can make this a better place. And I know I will make it happen for every child in this country.

4. I witnessed two of my closet friends lose a parent…Ugh, it was terrible and just about a month apart. I still feel like a terrible friend because I never knew what to say or how to act. I will say, after watching these two incredibly strong women go through such tragedy and remain so positive was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. Those girls are beasts and I am honored they love me.

5. I failed…..twice. And I don’t ever fail. I will go to my grave not understanding statistics and hating myself for thinking I could pass a second time.

6. Matt and I grew closer….and thank god, because that is what is suppose to happen in a marriage, right??!!

7. I survived sending my first child to school….Viv is in Pre-K and that day, hell that week was so hard. It is so tough sending your kids out into this world without you standing by your side. I was a wreak and she was the happiest I have ever seen her. She is thriving there and loves it. I am so lucky that she likes it as much as she does.

8. It was the first year in about 10 I have not worked out 4 days a week…or even 2 days a week for that matter. I did great in the beginning, but I have fallen off the horse hard in the past few months. Working out has always been a HUGE part of my life and this year, I was a major slacker. Time is just so stretched and waking up early just stopped happening. Better luck next year, right?!

9. I voted for a woman….yep. And I am very proud of that vote.

10. I wrote 5 songs….Hopefully you will hear them and more next year.

11. I was a bad friend and family member…I really was and I am resolving to not do it again. I never called, never meet up, never put in the effort like a normal person does. I love my family and my friends dearly, but this year, I failed them. No excuses. Time just slips away, every fucking day. But it has to stop, before they all hate and disown me.

12. I found out the true meaning of having 3 toddlers….Cam started walking, Kell started fighting and Viv, well is Viv. 2016 brought Matt and I a dose of parenting like I never thought possible. Life gets NO REALER than having a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Geez….how we survived I will never know.

13. I witnessed my husband say goodbye to his best friend…I will never forget Matt’s voice when he called me on a Tuesday morning to tell me that his cousin/best friend had died. I laughed I was so caught off guard. It was a gut wrenching time in this house. It still is. Watching Matt go through this pain that I could not take away was awful. Knowing we will never hear that raspy voice again is awful. Seeing Matt, still, months later want to call him and chat is awful. Life can be awful, but as time goes on, you realize all of the memories you can share, stories you can tell and laughter this pain can create. This by far was the toughest experiences I have ever witnessed.

14. I celebrated my first anniversary….it was amazing. All day I was filled with thoughts of our wedding. That feeling. That love. That happiness. And realizing it has only been one more and we have SO many more ahead of us?! How fucking awesome is that?! This first one was excellent though. So sweet and so full of love. Exactly how an anniversary should be.

Well, that was my year…in a nutshell. Filled with so many different feelings man. The good bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Cheers to 2017 and a year full of love, progress, family, friends and growth!


The Shitty Housewife

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