George Michael


Heart broken. What a sad day. The loss of such an open minded, welcoming, smart, musical, beautiful human. George Michael has passed away and 2016 has again punched us all in the gut. Some people find it weird when we mourn a famous person. Someone we have never met. But it isn’t weird at all. Some people, who you never get to meet touch your soul in a magical way and when they pass, you are deeply saddened.

I was a fan of his right away. My mom played his music a ton and we had many moments of dancing around the living room belting out his tunes. As I got older, and he did as well, his lyrics became so moving to me. So free, so open. He was so sexy, but more than that, he made ME feel sexy. He made me feel safe thinking about my body and how beautiful it is. His music moved me. Today I celebrate him, his talent and his love for making us move our bodies and minds. Thank you Mr. Michael. Thank you for giving us you.


The Shitty Housewife

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