Geoffrey Zakarian& Giada De Laurentiis


Happy Thanksgiving week. What a wonderful holiday to celebrate being thankful and eating?! Two of my favorite things. This week, so many people are focused on food and menus, I thought we would keep that focus going during our “alone time.” So this week when you are sneaking away from your family to get yourself thankful, think about these two hotties who are not only beautiful, but freaking magicians in the kitchen.

Geoffrey Zakarian has been on my hot list for quite some time. Blame it on daddy issues or just the fact that he is sexy as hell. All of his recipes make me excited and I know one day I will actually eat at one of his restaurants. Giada…..not much to say about her. I mean how the fuck do you cook so many carbs and still look that good??? She is a knock out and can throw down with some serious housewife pride.

So this week, as you are cooking away that turkey and stuffing take some time for yourself. I think we will all agree, we want a cook in the kitchen and a freak in the sheets….or maybe the other way around!!!!


The Shitty Housewife

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