Today….I Woke Up


A week ago today, my entire world changed. Something happened that was so out of my control, and so out of a bad dream, that it has taken me a week to digest this sour pill, I was forced to swallow. A week ago today was the 2016 election and my candidate lost. (Well she actually didn’t lose, but because of our political system, she did.)

Now, don’t just stop reading because I was a Hillary voter. This is not a blog about how great she was, because she was just as flawed, but for extremely different reasons than our President elect and dear god, our Vice President elect. This is not a trash talking blog about Trump, although it is taking and has taken ALL of my willpower to not go ape shit on social media. This is also not a blog about the extreme divided lines our country is facing in our own community and now with MANY other countries. This IS a blog about me waking up. Because today, I did.

Last night when I went to bed I told myself it was time to stop. Stop crying. Stop responding. Stop reacting…no matter how atrocious the memes are (except the Biden one’s. Please don’t ever stop those.) Stop being apart of the lines and be apart of the change.

Yesterday, while my kids took their afternoon rest, my husband and I had some incredible sex. The kind you think about and text about for days after. When you have 3 kids and work and school and all the shit we do, a great, sweet, take your time kinda romp doesn’t exist. Yesterday, it felt important. Being close to him, in our home, our safe place where love and acceptance and support is vital and expected, we…god, I am gagging as my unromantic ass says this….made love. It felt so important. I needed that comfort and that safety and he gave it to me….and multiple orgasms.

Yesterday, I did some research on a dream I have been working on for awhile. I have been wanting to get involved in local politics. I have been asking questions, requesting information and looking around. Last night, I set up some calls and some meetings and had the discussion with Matt. He has urged me to take the plunge for months but after seeing how affected I was by this election, he and I both agree, now is the time. (Watch out Atlanta…no slogan yet…#oshaughnessy2017!)

Yesterday, I vowed to my kids that I would not talk shit about our government in front of them. They are young and don’t get it, but as their mom, I know, talking shit means shit. I told them action speaks louder than words and mommy’s actions are going to change the world. I vowed to them (unknowingly) that my depression over this was no longer their burden and that I would stop and their happy, fun, goofy mom was back.

Yesterday, I wrote for The Shitty Housewife. Man, I have missed you. I was excited to be back and thought my opening line to yesterday’s Masturbation Monday was fucking spot on. I have many goals for this blog and letting this craziness get in my way is simply silly. This blog has empowered me over this past year and empowerment is what I need for this new focus.

Yesterday, I worked out. I ran. Like hell. I huffed and puffed. I sweat like a fool and I felt stronger than I have in days. I ate right, I drank water and I vowed to take care of this beautiful body I have been blessed with. I am a proud women and celebrating this body needs to be a daily goal.

Yesterday, things changed. I am focused, strong and sexaully satisfied (hehehe!!) I am not okay with what began a week ago, but I am accepting it. I am processing it in a constructive way and working on ways to help move forward. I, as a quirky, sometimes confused, strong, optimistic, flat chested women am making things change. Maybe not for the world (right away) but for my world.


The Shitty Housewife

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