Kate Hudson and Larenz Tate

Since last week 50% of America decided talking about grabbing other women’s pussies was totally cool, I decided it was time to get back to talking about grabbing my own. And after a Sunday afternoon romp where my husband handed me not one but TWO orgasms in one session, sex is suddenly on my mind. I guess it is better than thinking about last week’s election, right? And since said romp is leaving big shoes to fill, I decided to drop two of the hottest SOB’s that are around. Kate Hudson and Larenz Tate.

Remember Dead Presidents?? Remember how damn sexy and awesome Larenz was??? And now, he is even hotter. Seriously, google him…NOW. He has this next door neighbor, handy man, stand up for shit kinda look that makes me want to paint my face white, black out my eyes and get freaky.

And Kate…. I mean, could she be any more perfect? Not only does she ooze sexiness, what she oozes more is HAPPINESS. And nothing is sexier than that. I have adored her since Almost Famous and as she has become more famous herself, she just gets better.

So enjoy these. Take some time with yourself or your loved one (they are always full of surprises!!!) Let’s make this week better. Filled with more love, laughter and booty! Happy Masturbation Monday.


The Shitty Housewife

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