My Husband…Matt O



I know many of you won’t be getting yourself  off to thoughts of my husband (hats off if ya do!) But today is my very first, first anniversary and I just want to celebrate him. My husband. Besides being the most handsome guy I know, he is simply the best. He has altered my life in the most unimaginable, least expecting way. He has forever made me a better person and I will go to my grave loving him unconditionally. I always knew I could make it on my own. That my life would be complete without a partner. Matt was the first person I met that made me NOT want to do it on my own. He made me want to go through this life journey with someone…..with him. I am so thankful for how he adores me and everything I do. How he supports my crazy ways and ideas. How he is raising our kids. Thankful for the way he makes me laugh, the way he makes me love and the way he makes me feel. I am proud every moment of everyday that he choose me to be his wife. Today I celebrate him and me, being man and wife. So my masturbation Monday is my main squeeze…Matt. Happy Anniversary to us!!!

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