My Wedding Regrets

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As my anniversary approaches, I can’t help but think back to the magical day I became Matt’s wife. My wedding was AWESOME! And although I know everyone says that about their wedding (which they should!!) ours was so freaking special, it was beyond words. We didn’t become just a man and wife….we became an official family. Our kids were there to hear our vows and us rat pack of weirdos became The O’Shaughnessy’s. It was THE best day of my life.

But everything great comes with some blows and my wedding had a few. I assume all weddings do. But I am here to list a few wedding day blunders in hopes to help so other bride (or groom) not make the same mistake.

  1. Don’t assume that if you know the venue dude personally, he will follow through with his word……I did this. It was a friend of a friend and because he was so cool and laid back, he ended up costing us. The venue itself was INCREDIBLE. It was an art gallery in the middle of Atlanta. Beautiful, unique and weird. The perfect setting for us and our Halloween wedding. And since we “knew” this guy, we got nothing in writing. So when we went there to set up, all those tables and chairs he told us about months before were gone. We suddenly needed this crazy insurance. His PA system was MIA. Needless to say, we ended up over budget $2000 because they day before the wedding, we had zilch of things he said. And I was a basket case and he was an asshole.
  2. Bridal Party deserves the world…..and I didn’t give it to them. We should have spoiled them more and we didn’t. They were all unbelievable and full of love and I wish to god I would have done more for all of them.
  3. MIC CHECK…..make sure you have a microphone. We did, but again thanks to #1, he dropped the ball and the day off it became all too complicated to get one. Every wedding needs a microphone.
  4. Speak up… hair was not what I wanted. I did the trial and she lost the pictures in her phone and winged it. I felt pretty, but looking at the pictures, it was not what we had planned. I should have spoken up in the hotel room while getting ready, but I wasn’t paying attention. Matt will go to his grave saying how beautiful I looked, but I almost hate seeing myself in my pictures because of it.
  5. The Dress….go with your gut. I liked my dress. Matt loved my dress. It wasn’t the one. But I waited last minute and didn’t fight hard enough for the one I wanted. Again, I felt pretty but looking back, I wasn’t the most beautiful one the outside as I could have been. I was damn near perfect on the inside though and that is all that matters.
  6. Not having out “last dance” in which all of our family and friends sang to us on video……This by far will haunt me forever. It was so magical, I thought I was floating on air. I would love to have it to watch every year.

I hope this helps!!! We had a million more blunders. My wedding day was my first ever jumping a car experience. Our DJ was so drunk he whipped his dick out and fell over (pretty amazing!) My uncle vomited in an Uber. My kid walked down the aisle with a peanut butter sandwich that came from…..NO ONE KNOWS!!!! Shit happens, ya know. All the time. Even on your big day. Overall, your wedding will be amazing because it is your day to marry that person who has your heart. And that shit is all that matters!!

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