First Year of Marriage


I am quickly coming up on my year anniversary……..what the fuck???!!!! How did a year go so damn fast. People used to always say, the older we get, the faster time flies. Man, they were right. I mean a week seems like 2 days. One day seems like an afternoon. And a year, well let’s just say that shit is going faster than I could have ever imagined.

It is crazy to think “This time last year…” Mainly because I was excited, stressed, nervous, humbled, everyday preparing for the wedding. All while parenting, studenting, moving and a bunch of other shit. It seems like a blink ago I woke up on Halloween like holy fuck….I am getting married today.

I have heard the first year of marriage is the hardest. To which I reply….WRONGOLA!!!! The first year of marriage is incredible!!! We lived off of the high from our wedding (and the abundance of booze we had left over) for months. I mean a song, a picture, a word could bring Matt and I back to that amazing day where our lives changed. We talked about it and how perfect it was for months. There was nothing hard about it. It was magical and romantic and just beautiful.

Maybe people should say the 23rd year of marriage is hard, because damn….. 23 years seems like forever and I am pretty sure your genitals are sick of each other at that point. I mean, maybe not. Well, I hope not. I guess I will let you know in 2038. After that many years, I imagine mundane things are hard. The first year is not. 365 days after the most romantic, loving day of your life should not be hard.

I am not saying it is all roses either. We are two humans living under the same roof. Shit is bound to get annoying. I mean, currently we are kinda giving each other the silent treatment (since last night) and honesty I have no idea why. Like for real. He started it and now I am taking it to a whole new level. But shit like that happens. It is normal. But it isn’t hard. Trying to have a baby and not being able too is hard. Seeing a friend die is hard. Having a sick child is hard. Seeing your spouse in pain is hard. The 2016 presidential election is so hard. But loving someone a year in is not.

So let’s re-word this whole idea. I am here to tell you the first year of marriage is simply amazing. It brings back the giddiness, the romance, the sex, the looks, like the beginning of your relationship. Reveal in it. Year 2 approaches fast and who the fuck knows what happens then!

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