Thursday Thoughts


Welp, I have made the leap from part time to full time at my job. Long story, but it involves insurance and the need for more cash flow because I don’t want school debt. I have been working 12-15ish hours at my husbands business for awhile. We swap the kids, he leaves the office and I get some hours. Well, last week we had to take it up a notch. After many long discussions, crunching numbers and a few disagreements (mainly him not wanting me to work more and me knowing I should) I started a 30+ hour week. And this week my classes began. 30 hours, 3 classes, 3 kids, 3 dogs….I am surrounded by 3’s….meta physical people, what does that mean?????

Anyway, this shit is intense. I am not going to lie. After an 8 hour shift, scooping up a kid at school, coming home to deal with 3 toddlers, it’s like what the fuck just happened. I know people have been doing it forever and I applaud you, I truly do. But this is a whirlwind for me. On top of all of that I got my fucking period full force, so you know I don’t want to deal with shit.

Being a mom can take it out of you. You give your body, your mind, your food…..all you do is give every second of everyday. Then add on top of that go to work and give more. It’s crazy. Yes, there is a paycheck. And yes you get a break from the day in day out of kids, but doing both full time is not for the weary and sadly, I have been weary for a couple years now. Anyway, just venting about this. I do enjoy my job. The people are great and they are people I would have never gotten the chance to meet otherwise. It is a great resume builder for when I jump into a ‘real’ job dedicated to my major. And I get to work with dogs…..PERK!!!! (Their owners…well…sometimes, not so much.) I know I am lucky to have this opportunity and the opportunity to have been at home with my kids for so long.

I look at Matt in a whole new light as well. He is a truly dedicated dad and he has been doing this from Day 1. But for some reason he is never as tired as me. Maybe it’s because all of the hand jobs I’m giving…hehehehehe.

Anyway, better go. My kids are crying, my dogs are barking, my teachers are waiting and my alarm is going off at 5:30 am…..


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