As I get older I feel like the people around me have less of a filter. Maybe because they are getting older as well and clearly don’t give a fuck? Or maybe I am more aware of what is appropriate and what isn’t. Either way, I feel like daily, someone makes some statement or asks some question that I am like “Did you just freaking say that?!”

One of the main topics people like to discuss with me is my pregnancies. Me getting pregnant so much and just overall child bearing. Like, ya know, because I am the only human being on the planet that has ever had 3 kids. But whether you have 3 or god forbid zero kids, why do people find the need to freaking ask about it! What a touchy subject for some people, ya know. It should just be known to never, ever, ever under any circumstances to ask a female when she is going to have kids. I know too many women who are trying like hell to get pregnant and aren’t. So don’t bring it up. Leave them in peace. Let them have this one conversation where they aren’t thinking about their uterus as you talk. Trust me they are thinking about it every other second.

As for the women who you feel like have “too” many babies, leave their asses alone too. Look, I know I have more than the average two. AND YES I KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED!!!!! When people joke with me like “You know how you keep getting pregnant, right???” I actually want to punch them in the face. I swear, the next person who says that to me, I will reply. “Why yes, I do know how. We were laying in our bed one night and my husband put his penis inside of my vagina and ejaculated. Then his sperm met my egg, hence beginning pregnancy.” Like fuck. Of course I know how this shit happened, your question is not funny and I kinda hate you.

People just need to know when to joke and when to shut up. I get a lot of jokes coming my way now about me getting pregnant again. God forbid I don’t feel well….man, people just love that. It is the perfect ammo. But like if we wanted another one and couldn’t? Or like what if I did get pregnant again, how devastating it would be? I don’t know. I feel like this happens to Matt on a much smaller scale than me. And probably because I am a women and that is just how shit works. We get asked the lame questions.

Just watch what you say and be cautious of who you say it too. You never know the battle or the struggle or just the plain fucking irritation.

One thought on “DID YOU JUST SAY THAT??!!

  1. Soo Yeon Lee says:

    LOL, just found your vlogs somehow and I already love it! Sometimes people are stupid as hell ( well… not sometimes.. ) just don’t listen to their lame ”jokes” and have as much kids as you want! GL with it! xd


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