Shittiest Move of the Week


So school started up this week for me. SUCKS!!!! Especially because the whole repeating a class bullshit. Anyway, if you all remember that I failed my statistics last semester. And even though I straight up flopped in the class, I felt like I should have been given  D because I did all the work. I did it poorly, but I did it. So when I got the actual F on my transcript, I kinda lost my shit. ON EVERYONE…..

One being my adviser. I went to her complaining about getting an F and explained that I turned everything in, took all the exams and completed the discussions. I wanted her to do something about it because she is my adviser and also the dean of this department. She came back to me with the news that even though I did do the work, I failed. My grades sucked and she understood why the teacher failed me. Now at the time, I was already infuriated….and now, this news, well it sent me over the edge. I kinda, well, flipped the fuck out on her. I said a few things I shouldn’t have. I threatened to leave, not only the program but the school. I went fucking crazy.

So I pissed her off. So much so, now when I reached out to her about registration for this semester a few weeks ago, she wouldn’t even deal with me. I was sent to her assistant. And I kinda understand where she was coming from. I was a nasty bitch to her, I wouldn’t want to deal with my psycho ass either. So in my embarrassment, I told the assistant to sign me up for 3 classes. Whatever ones I needed at this point. I didn’t give a shit. Well as I open my registration which professors name is on my schedule???? Yep….Prof. Adviser…..FUCK. Now this women who I told I would sue for not firing a teacher who failed me (yeah, I went crazy) the women who shooed me away to her assistant, the women who knows I failed a class, is my god damn teacher. Not only her, I have the same statistic professor who failed me, and yet another women who I flipped the fuck out on.

My freak out is coming back to haunt me…big time. I tried to make light of the situation and poke fun of myself in the introductions this week…but I didn’t get many LOL’s back (online classes thank god) So my shittiest move was something I did months ago…but I am paying for it this week. Wish me luck…..


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