Thursday Thoughts


So as a mom I am constantly taking my kids to “play places.” Parks, pools, indoor play areas at fast food restaurants. Anywhere that allows them to run, yell, chase and  pretty much just burn off energy. A place that when we leave everyone has had a release and everyone is so much happier.

I began thinking, why don’t we have places like this for adults? I am not talking about a gym, or a bar, or a party. I am talking about a non boozing, non meat market, straight up playground where we adults can climb, run, chase and cream and NOT get funny looks. A place where we can be as silly as we want, wild as we want and crazy as we want with no weird looks coming our way. A place where our imaginations can let loose and we can stop worrying about life for a few minutes. A place where we can burn off steam and release without booze, sex or work involved.

Of course a place like this would never exists, someone would sue or turn it into something freaky. Like right now when I googled “adult play places” for a picture for this post it was all porn…which of course I don’t mind but come on…..

We need a release. We really do. And not a “work out” or a “girls night out” or “climax.” Just a release, right? I would love to be surrounded by a group of strangers, on a play ground or even better, a bouncy house and just yell and scream and run. Sneak up and scare someone. Chase someone to the next slide. Get so sweaty and wild without getting a crazy look. I mean, how good would that feel?????? What an awesome natural high that would be, right?

Maybe one day I will turn my backyard into an adult play place (don’t worry, I will hide my vibrators) see how much fun we would all have. I bet everyone would be friendlier, happier, skinnier! Maybe for once shittier would not be on the agenda.

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