New Friends…Old Vibes

Choose-kindness_daily-inspiration_red-fairy-projectI had something else to post today, but a few days ago I experienced something pretty awesome and I wanted to write about it.

Saturday night, we were casually invited over to someone’s house for drinks, food and hanging out. We actually were NOT going to go, seeing as though we had a huge to do list. Also, I was working that day and working a 12 hour shift the next day and since we are heading out of town TODAY, lots of chores. We began our chores and went to run our errands. On the way home, all 3 kids fell asleep in the car. We knew waking them up and transporting them inside was most likely going to turn into a Saturday night asshole fest,  so we thought, ‘fuck it, let’s go for an hour and let the kids sleep on the way there.’

We weren’t sure what we were going to walk into. Only knowing a couple people there, we assumed we would say some hellos, let the kids play for a bit and peace out. LITTLE DID WE KNOW….

Have you ever walked into a room full of humans you have never met and felt IMMEDIATELY like you had been old friends with everyone forever??? Like you were one of the group with the only exchange being a hello and a quick joke? Like you and your quirky family felt so at home with a group of “strangers” that we let our kids run inside and chill with people we just met? Well, all of those things were happening.

Jokes were flying! I heard “Is that The Shitty Housewife?” Kids were playing and Matt and I suddenly felt this odd sense of ‘home’ with people we did not even know. People of all walks of life. People nothing like us, but with SO much in common. People on different paths but with the same goal. Love, kindness and laughter. We talked, we laughed, we ate, then it got even better.

The host comes out with a guitar and everyone….LIKE EVERYONE began to sing. Old songs, new songs, good voices, bad voices. Singing classics at the top of their lungs. With no judgement, no hate, just pure love filling the room. Kids were dancing, smiles were large and hearts were full. And I believe it or not…..I WAS TOTALLY SOBER. It was one of the most beautiful nights I have experienced in a long time.

On the way home Matt and I held hands. Something we never do. He put on one of my favorite songs. He told me he loved me and that he could not imagine a more better life, even with all the craziness. With tears of happiness in my eyes, I completely agreed. We were both moved by the evening and have been swimming in it ever since.

Living in this world full of SO MUCH shit, moments like these are just fucking incredible. We are swarmed by bull shit, hate and worry all the time. The media blasts it and judgement of certain groups in society are the new norm. But it does not have to be our reality. There is so much joy and love and acceptance out there. It is up to us to find it and own it and SHARE it. People want to love one another. People want to tell a joke to a stranger and make them laugh (or is that just me?) People want to listen to music and sing and let their guard down. We just need others to help guide us there.

So thank you to that amazing group of people on Saturday night for doing that for us. For showing us there is still light and hope and love and laughter outside of our little home. I can not wait to return the favor and to pay it forward to someone else. Love always guys….ALWAYS!

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