Buffy and Angel

Um, yeah, I am going here. I decided these two didn’t need their real names as the tag lines, because although David Boreanez and Sarah Michelle Geller are dreamy as shit, Buffy and Angel are even dreamier….and scarier, kinda???? Well maybe more intimidating. Remember how they used to kick ass? And how fucking cool they were? Well think about them now, since you are all grown up. Buffy could slay me anyday, and Angel, well he can suck my neck and draw some blood anytime.

I know that nowadays they are both married and have kids of their own and they have moved on from this series, but they killed it in the dark romance for teens. I MEAN KILLED IT! Both sexy and bad ass as hell. They were the Romeo and Juliet of the WB. They were way cooler than Bella and Edward and probably just as raunchy as Bill and Sookie behind the scenes. The OGs of teenage vamp-mance….(did I just make up a word?????)  So this Monday as you get your “quiet time” think about the early 90’s and the sexy blood shed on network TV. And be thankful that this series is now on Netflix again. So now we can all replace the word “chill” in Netflix and Chill to Masturbate. Slay on friends.

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