Ok guys, I think we all need to take this hatin thing on social media down a notch. Look, I know now that we all have some sort of social media account, we all have a platform, but lets just relax. So much bashing, so much criminalizing, and so much HATE. It is so easy to sit behind our laptops and phones and type our opnions away. Sit back and share, like, unfriend, unfollow without confrontation. Being a hater is TOO easy. You can voice your hate and not be face to face….so simple right? But it really is just the worst. Just remember this, we are all adults, whether we act like it or not. You probably are not going to change some random adults opinions with your status update. That shit ain’t gonna happen. So lets slow it down, think before we type and stop being such assholes. We are in this crazy game of life together. We are all trying to survive and be a little bit happy while surviving. Lets fucking act a little be friendly and quit being so nasty to each other. F-U hate!!!

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