Shittiest Move of the Week

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So this week, my worst move involves being shitty to you. Well, 60 of you. See, I was asked to host an Atlanta screening of the new movie Bad Moms. So cool right?! I was so honored, thrilled, stoked, excited!!! I’m annoucing it and you guys are loving it. Scoring your tickets, getting to see the movie DAYS before anyone else…for FREE. We all scored! Then I realized something not so cool……

I am not going to be in Atlanta on July 21st. Yep, we are taking our very first vacation since the baby (who is now 17 months!) to be with Matts parents for their 40th anniversary in New Hampshire. BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys I am so sorry. I know you guys will still have so much fun with me. And my girl Nicole, will be there AND I will be skyped in so I will be there VIRTUALLY. But it still sucks. I was trying to finagle something,like a quick flight back for the night, but that shit just isn’t going to happen.

But you guys still get the theater! All my Shitty Housewives out there, all 60 of you who claimed tickets!!!! You get to still see the movie before everyone else. And you get to see it ON me.

My deepest apologizes for not being there. But it is kinda perfect….The Shitty Housewife not showing up for her own event???!!! What could be more shittier?!

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