Thursday Thoughts


Wow, social media has been on fire this week. This world has become such a fucked up place, it is hard to even process things that are really happening. Scrolling through Facebook has become a reel of emotions, rather than a mind numbing past time. This place, the US, has truly become scary. The reality of shit that is happening is fucking mind blowing. Some days I feel like a horrible human for bringing children into it. But then on the other hand, I hope that by the time they are my age, somthing will have changed. I used to live in a world so oblivious to all of this. A world like Dawson’s Creek (minus the insane amount of large words.) Now it is a world of SVU ( minus the hot men.) But here are some facts…

A black man was KILLED for selling cds and carrying a gun ( when over 12 milllion American have a concealed handgun permit) BUT a rich, young , white man was given 6 months (or less) in jail for raping a unconsious girl…fucking bullshit.

Our presidential election has turned into a case of “the lesser of two evils.” OUR PRESIDENTAL RACE. Evil shoudl not be a common word in that sentence. Somehow two people that are believed by so many are wrong for the job are our ONLY options….fucking bullshit.

I can go into a store and purchase a gun and kill someone TODAY, but I have two wait 30 days to have my tubes tied and 48 hours to terminate a pregnancy, whether unwanted or for medical reasons….fucking bullshit.

A teacher who is educating our children…OUR FUTURE, is working so hard to make a difference in lives. Doing any and all they can to fufill our childrens dreams while they struggle to make ends meet. Barely making enough to get by, while some Instagram model is getting paid millions to show off her big fake tits….fucking bullshit.

This shit is getting hard. It is getting scary. It is all too real. I need to take a step back. I am deeply saddened every fucking day by these stories of hate, prejudace and injustice. I am disgusted by the unfairness. I am grossed out by our options.

All I can do is teach my kids the opposite. Teach them that THIS IS BULLSHIT and they need to bust their asses to make some changes. And make you guys laugh. Take you out of this horrible reality we live in and show you the funny side of the reality I live in. Fuck….adulthood. This fucking world. It will make a sane person crazy, right?? Hug your partner, squeeze your babes, snuggle with your fur kid. We all need a little bit more love to survive these days. Love and laughter. So my new mission is to make you feel some love and make you laugh out loud. I can no longer comment and write on the sadness that is out there. My journey is now going the opposite route. I think I will just agree to disagree with many, smile and nod to the opinions that make me cringe and just end everything with a giggle. I will go on pretending the Creek is still in my heart and this world is not as cruel. But I will continue to stand by the fact that when it comes to Dawson’s Creek…Pacey will always be the hot one…not Dawson.


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Lisa says:

    I think the answer is that you make your home the Creek. Fill it with love and laughter and goodness. And your mind should read the news and be saddened by it. And out of your mouth should flow happiness. Positive begets positive. We change our world. We influence those around us. 🙂


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