Shittiest Move of the Week


For starters, as always, Happy Friday. Another week down, another weekend is welcomed. Friday mornings when I was growing up were always so exciting. It was the last day of school, time to party (or sleep in, hang out with family, do all the other shit other than school.) When I got older, it was the start to the weekend…you know, time to party. Get cute, layout, have zero responsibilty for a couple days. Now, I work most weekends, always Friday nights. My kids never sleep in and Matt and I are in and out of each others days Saturday and  Sunday. But I still enjoy that Friday feeling.

Anyway, enough of me procrastinating about my lamesness for the week. I can not say my shittiest move is not giving my husband the booty. Look, I am still holding out on him, BUT we have had plenty of fun and I am proud to say I have kept him very satisfied this week. But my shittiest move does involved him.

So he is a neat freak. Likes a very clean and kept house. Why he married me I will never know because I am the complete opposite. Anyway, he has lightened up since me, the dogs and the kids. But he still has his moments. He has spent countless money and time buying new things that we have ruined. Rugs being a mjor issue. My pugs…well they never fully welcomed potty training. So pee on the rugs have been a battle since Day 1.

Well last nght after Matt worked another long day and came home to a semi gross house…THANK YOU SHITTY HOUSEWIFE, I decided to give Cam, my 15 month old some diaper freedom. He has know idea about his bowels and controling them, so who knows what I was thinking. Well, Cam decides that peeing on our living room rug, the one rug that has not been destroyed by urine (the one Matt spent the most money on, the one in the center of our house) needed to be christned with his piss. So he let that rug have it. Matt, was so irritated. He didn’t get pissy (hehe) towards me, but he did tell Cam he need to always wear a diaper. Loud enough for me to hear it.

Poor guy, after a long day of work, two hours of chores, he sits down to relax and watches his youngest son pee all over his favorite rug. Shitty. Not on the baby’s part but mine. I know better, he is my third and I also know shit happens always…or in this case pee happens.

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