Shittiest Move of the Week


Happy Friday. Thank god right??!!! This week seemed brutal. Just long, hot and hard (and I am not talking about in a sexy penis type of way.)

My exhaustion has kinda kicked my ass this week. Most of the time I can handle it. We have long days and even longer nights. Someone always wakes me up….like every night. We work our tails off day in and day out and honestly, I do love it (as much as I bitch!) But this week it caught up to me. It happens. Every once in a while I just need extra sleep and will stare at the clock waiting for a semi reasonable time to sneak away. On top of that, we have been extra stressed. A few reasons, all over the board, but there has been some tension. Not between my husband and I,  just tenseness in our life. We try not to complain, but 3 kids, no help, one income, college tuition, dogs, chores….just shit. It can add up and we both get maxed out. This happened. This week.

Well last night Matt wanted some down time. Spent the day exhausting this kids. Cooked a big dinner to fill their bellies. On the way home from work he grabbed some beer. We just wanted to sit and chill and catch up and “reconnect” as lame as that sounds.

It started great, but instead of eating my big dinner, I cleaned, did some school shit and totally just went for the beer. NOT A GOOD IDEA. We got all three kids to bed early and Matt was hoping for a few hours of adult time. BUT what actually happened was I told him I was running to the bathroom and instead went straight to bed. Yep…the whole day of making this happen for us and after 30 minutes I bailed. I just took off my bra and pants and slipped underneath the covers, leaving him on the patio alone to figure out what happened. I heard him come up, calling my name, but in my semi tipsy, sleepy haze, I just rolled over and ignorned him. Being the sweet husband that he is, he left me alone. Didn’t pester, just let me sleep. He did make fun of me in the morning of course. And he did drink all of the beer……

Needless to say, my shittiest move is not drinking that extra cup of coffee and perking up for my husband. He just wanted to chat and I just wanted to sleep. I mean I am still depriving him of sex, I shouldn’t deprive him of conversation too, right? He gets it, but I also get as imporatnt as sleep is, QT with my main squeeze should be my priority. Hopefully I can make it up to him, or maybe just send him to bed bed early one night.

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