The Timberlake Effect

So what is the Timberlake Effect???? I am not talking about the urge in your loins we all get when Mr. JT is on our TV. I am not talking about the urge to jump anyone bones when Sexy Back comes on the radio. And I am not talking about how Masturbation Monday turns into Masturbation everyday when he releases some new tunes. I am talk about how if Justin Timberlake wasn’t Justin Timberlake he wouldn’t be AS HOT. I am talk about how someone who is okay can instantly turn FUCKING BANGING when they showcase their personality. I am talking about TALENT and not just looks.

Look if Justin was just some dude in a bar, I would check him out. I would be like, he’s cute and most likely move onto the next semi handsome dude sitting next to him. So how did some dude I would give a quick glance to turn into someone that oozes sex appeal and attractiveness from every pore of his body???

The Timberlake effect is all around us. It is when someone isn’t just good looking. They are decent looking, but funny. Funny and smart. Funny, smart, and witty. Funny, smart, witty and kind. Someone who embodies confidence and drive. Remember when Justin was in NYSYNC??? I wasn’t all about him. I was a fan, but I did not want to mount him. (I liked Lance….not sexually but he was my fav.) Then Justin gained some confidence and dropped his solo album….he got a little hotter. Then he was on SNL and NAILED IT. He suddenly, after being so fucking funny, got a little hotter. As he grew up and grew into his being and did all these amazing things to give back, to make us laugh, to show that he was a normal dude who was not taking shit for granted, he became the hottest fucking thing on this planet. He is the Timberlake effect. Someone normal looking human who loves himself, loves growing and loves making us laugh and dance.

As I get older I have re-evaluated how I look at attractiveness. I remember being at a bar once with the hottest guy I have ever seen in real life. Like every human was checking him out and he was talking to me. I felt like the luckiest chick ever. But after 5 minutes, this dude had zero to say, zero personality and was only confident in his physical appearance….he was pretty much dead on the inside. Did I sleep with him? Yes, but I could not wait to get out of there afterwards. Now that I am older, I would have walked away from that dude after those 5 minutes. Looks don’t really matter anymore….or at least as much.

Yes, you need to be attracted to your partner, but they are going to age. Their physical being is  going to get wrinkles and saggy. Their body is going to change, but their inner core, their spiritual being is going to remain. Their kindness, their laughter, their ability to make you smile, their passion and drive…what is their Timberlake effect. That is what you should be looking for.

Justin is going to get older and his body will change. He may not always be able to move those sweet ass hips and have that swag like he does now. But you can bet your ass he will always be funny. He will always produce things that make us want to dance. He will always want to better our world, so he will always be hot.

Look I am not drop dead gorgeous. I am never the prettiest girl in a crowd or have the biggest boobs or whatever it is your are attracted to. But I embody the Timberlake effect to my husband. He sees me work, focus, parent our children, make him laugh and to him I am a perfect 10 with Double D’s……(well, in his dreams!) Looks fade, bodies change, personality only gets better with age.

Thank you Justin Timberlake for opening my eyes to this. And even though I adore what a cool human you are, I can’t fully discount how that personality has made me swoon for years and made you look even better than I could possibly imagine. You are a king and as we become saggy together, I will always love the effect you have had on me.

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