Chicken with Mushrooms and Mash

So as you all know, I like showcasing recipes of things I already have on hand. This week I found some frozen chicken tenders and decided to work with them. We also had my favorite thing to eat, mushrooms and some potatoes. Hence this recipe. Also, I thought my husband was getting off early……….he wasn’t.

Step One…

Bake Chicken on 350 for 25 minutes. Spice up with salt, peppeer and paprika20160629_184157_HDR

Step Two

Cut up and boil potatoes….this picture looks really gross20160629_184208_HDR

Step Three

Get harrassed from the fatty20160629_184211_HDR

Step Four

Sautee the mushrooms with some olive oil, garlic and onions or shallots. Whatever you have one hand.20160629_190055_HDR

Step Five

Mash Potatoes once tender. Add milk and butter until creamy and delicious (again, this looks gross)20160629_192645_HDR

Step Six

Look in the playroom mess again and die a little bit inside (can you spot the pug?)20160629_184216_HDR

Step Seven

Once mushrooms are tender, add some bottle gravy. That shit is easy and fucking tasty.(excuse the mess)20160629_192641_HDR

Step Eight

Have your kids tell you they suddenly hate mushrooms and give them plain chicken with ketcup.20160629_192705_HDR

Step Nine

Put mushroom sauce on top of chicken. Then put it all in a pyrex because you forgot your husband won’t be home for dinner, your kids hate your cooking and you are too tired and irritated to eat.

Matt and I both ate this for lunch the next day and it was good. For frozen tenders and bottle gravy, it hit our spots. Even if it was a day old!

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