I did not think talking about hot, sexy, unattainable people was very appropriate today in the wake of the horrible tragedy that struck our world yesterday. In fact, I surprisingly, do not have much to say. At this point there are no words to say. All over the media I see ranks about the President, gun control, terrorists and such. I personally think we are not there yet. A community needs us. To throw as much love, support, comfort, and kindness as we can possibly muster. And that is all we should be doing. Stop yelling. Stop hating. Stop blaming. THINGS MUST CHANGE. LAWS MUST CHANGE. Some may agree. Some, even contributors to this blog will disagree. But they must. But we are not there yet. 50 people died. 50 people went to celebrate, dance, love and enjoy their Saturday evening and were killed. To me it doesn’t matter that they were gay. It doesn’t matter when they were elementary school kids. It doesn’t matter what movie they were seeing. They were us. THEY WERE US. Living their day to day lives, minding their own business. Going to a movie, going to school, going to dance…..and they are gone. The pain of the victims families and friends in unimaginable. The horror of what happened inside of this building. None of that needs to be masked with fighting. The fighting needs to stop. We are one world, one community, one life. Let’s make this stop and start working together. We here at The Shitty Housewife are sending all of our love and support to the victims family and friends. Also, all of our love, as always to the LGBT community. We are one…please remember that.


The Shitty Housewife

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