Shittiest Move of the Week

_20160610_090246So every once in awhile I like to know I am not the only Shitty Housewife out there. And today is one of those days.  Sure, this week I have had some moments. A terrible hangover on Sunday that made me sneak off to bed at 7:30. Another week of an messy house. That moment when my daughter told my son he was being an asshole……oops. So yeah, it’s been a normal week in our house. But today, I want to hear about you and your shittiest moment. Lay them on me. Make me laugh, cringe. smile and feel a little less shitty! Tag yourself, tell me your shittiest move and then tag a friend to do the same. I will repost the SHITTIEST move later on tonight and you will be crowned the Shittiest of the Shitties!!!!

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