Shittiest Move of the Week

e36b684b985d00de752ff069d91b07abWell, here we are again. Friday. And thank god. This week has gone by fast, but it is always nice to see Friday arrive. My shittiest move this week has been an ongoing move since Tuesday. My incredible in laws came into town this last weekend for Kellen’s birthday. When they come here, they don’t relax. They basically work their asses off so Matt and I can play a huge game of life catch up. We work the same shifts since they can watch the kids, we get an insane amount of chores done, we get errands done, we throw parties, we go out to eat alone, WE do so much and THEY bust their butts to entertain and watch the kids. There will NEVER be a way to thank them for all they do when they get here. EVER. I just hope they know how appreciative we are.

Anyway, when they left, the house needed a good clean up. Since I got so much work done while they were here, I have been here alone with the kids since they left while Matt works. Everyday, my mission has been to deep clean the house. Has that happened….nope. It is still pretty trashed (for our standards) and I still just keep staring at the mess thinking, I will deal with you later. Well, tomorrow I go back to work and we all know what that means. Matt will clean it. Him being a little OCD about the house and being alone here, I am pretty sure I will come home to a beautiful place and a slightly irritated husband. The shitty part is, I am kinda banking on it. Like, I feel like I am purposely not cleaning, just straightening up because I know he will tomorrow. Shitty, I know. But isn’t it good that I am admitting it??? But he does do a much better job and he likes it….right???? And hey, don’t I have to live up to my claimed name….The Shitty Housewife.



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