Sausage and Spinach Pie

So, there is nothing my husband loves more than some sort of meat pastry. If it is meaty and it is in a breaded crust, Matt loves it. I found this recipe, again, searching for recipes with ingredients I had in my fridge. Sometimes this can work out for you, sometimes not so much. It is an extreme twist on a Chicken Pot Pie and I had high hopes for it!

Sausage and Spinach Meat Pie (sounds gross, I know!)
Pound of Italian Sausage
1 Bag of Frozen Spinach
2 pie shells
3 eggs
1 Small Container of Ricotta Cheese
1 Bag of Mozzarella Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Step 1. Brown the Sausage 20160522_170915_HDR
Step 2. Have #1 pick some fresh herbs from the garden…..but no biggie if they are not fresh. Like not a big deal at all.20160522_171023_HDR
Step 3. Mix the eggs, cheese and salt and pepper together in a bowl.20160522_170922_HDR
Step 4. Give in and give #3 a bottle. He missed his nap and it is too close to bedtime to try again. You gotta do what works.20160522_170926_HDR
Step 5. Drain meat (we give the yummy meat juice to the dogs.)20160522_170948_HDR
Step 6. Let meat cool a bit then mix with egg/cheese mixture.20160522_171538_HDR
Step 7. Listen to #2 cry because he is STARVING.20160522_171038_HDR

Step 8. Poor mixture into shell and top with other shell.

Step 9. Bake on 350 for 40  minutes.20160522_182444_HDR
THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!! It was random but so tasty. We paired it with a salad and both agreed adding feta would have made it that much better. Everyone chowed. We had leftovers for days. I would for sure cook this again. I like pleasing my man with a meat pie every once in awhile!

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