Easter Booty

I am not going to let some pastels and church bonnets stop me from some alone time fun. Happy Easter friends and welcome to Masturbation Monday, Easter addition. This time of year seems so innocent and childlike, but I can find the sexiness anytime especially with a basket of goodies if you know what I mean….

Benedict Talley

Remember True Blood. Remember the hotness. remember….EGGS. Yes that is right ladies and gents, Benedict Talley!! This one could poach my eggs anytime (what does that even mean??!!) He owned his role on True Blood, making all of us ladies and men a little runny in the pants. Lets take a big bite out of our cadbury’s and appreciate this EGGceptional piece of man.

Anna Faris

Easter can bring out all types of spirit animals….especially bunnies. Which is why our Masturbation Monday Easter Addition is featuring one of the hottest bunnies ever. None other than the House Bunny herself….Anna Faris (you thought I as going straight to Playboy right?!) Why we love her? She is adorable, funny, a mom and a HOUSEWIFE!!! And I know a lot of folks who want to peep this jelly bean.

Happy Easter guys. I hope it is as sexy as ours!

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