No Salute or Slam

This week has been tough for me and quite frankly I just don’t feel like myself. Or really have much funny inside of me. Someone I really adored passed away on Tuesday. One of my husbands closet friends…Cousin Al. I was going to salute him today, but I guess I am just not there. My brain has not processed this horrible piece of news yet. I am not able to write anything because I feel like it is not real. And probably because I am alone here in Atlanta while my husband is in New York for the services. I am surrounded by three kids and three dogs who do not give a rat’s ass about any sort of grieving process. Every time I start to think of the many ways I can salute this awesome man, I am interrupted for apple juice. And I am so happy I am here to take care of the kids while Matt is there saying his goodbye. My job right now is to be a real housewife. Make sure everything here is going ok while he grieves with his family. Death sucks. I will always question why the only guarantee in life is the hardest one to accept. Especially when it is unexpected or someone too young. So this is all I have for my readers. I’ll get my shit together and be back next week. As for now, I will do as lots of care takers have had to do in the past…sallow that lump in their throat and pour some more juice. And maybe a High Life for myself.


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