Tina & Paul

There is nothing sexier than funny. When someone can make me laugh, my hormones get set on fire. Laughing is a huge component of happiness as well as sex. So today’s Masturbation Monday goes to two of the funniest and sexiest people alive.

Tina Fey

We all fell in love with her on Saturday Night Live. First as a writer, than as a show member. Since she bangs out some pretty amazing movies and takes nerdy sexy to a whole new level. I think all men want to bang her and all women want to hang with her. She is beautiful, smart, witty and worthy of some quiet alone time yourself this Monday.

Paul Rudd


SWOON! I mean how does he even exists. He nails every role he plays and his is a comic genius. Every movie he is in, he makes the funny guy turn into the hot guy. Whether he is playing a dad, a brother, a super hero or just the token funny best friend, he is sexy as hell and makes me all hot and bothered. Keep on making movies Paul and keep on making me frisky!

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