My Keto Challenge


So I have decided to execute 12 challenges for you guys this year to see if all this nonsense really works. I have it all planned out and no, they won’t all be diet and exercise.

Basically, I am all about love this year and included in that is self love. Self love is SO important and I am trying to raise awareness in that and in myself. So a crucial step in self love is self care and these challenges will help improve that (HOPEFULLY!)

So after ample amounts of research and hours of Joe Rogan podcasts (LISTEN TO THESE NOW!) I decided to go Keto for a month.

The Keto diet is basically very low carb and sugar. So your body is just purely taking proteins and fats and then becomes this crazy fat burning machine. Your body is depleted of glucose so it goes straight into burning fat. Makes sense, right?

So the first couple days I wasn’t as prepared as I wanted to be. I def was losing some LBs pretty fast, but I was also hungry. Matt was doing it with me, and we both agree, this is gonna get old fast if we didn’t start prepping and experimenting. That day we hit the grocery store and farmers market, as well as downloading some awesome Keto apps and it became life changing…..for me.

I committed to it for the month of January and here we are, into February and I am still going strong. I even now have butter and coconut oil in my coffee! It has been so amazing for me. During my research I read so many testimonies about how it helped people with their energy levels, which is something I REALLY struggle with. I have seen numerous doctors, have had ample tests and my energy is still shit. Until Keto. I noticed an energy difference almost immediately. My workouts improved and my mental focus has sky rocketed!

Matt had a much different experience. He lasted two weeks and then stopped. He lost a like 8 pounds so fast, but then he just felt like shit and didn’t snap out of it. He wasn’t into it at all. He has been super helpful and supportive of my journey, but he was carbing it up in no time.

And trust, I have cheated, but as soon as I do, I notice it and feel crappy. And another reason for cheat days…..being carb free is not sustainable in my book. I mean your body needs some carbs….so when it wants them, do it. But since I have changed my eating style to this diet, my body is not craving them as much.

When you start Keto you drop weight crazy fast. People lose an insane amount in the first couple weeks. Like any diet, you do plateau but it happens fast. I didn’t have a bunch of weight to loose. I just did it more, like I said for my energy. And I wanted to change my eating habits. It also has helped me cut back on drinking…..I mean, I still do but not as much which is good.

Keto may not be for everyone, but I have fully enjoyed and embraced this new lifestyle of mine. It is challenging and demanding but fun and fulfilling as well. My cooking has amped up and my energy has as well. So overall a very successful Shitty Challenge!


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