Let Love Rule


I have taken some time to do some reflection on what my goal is behind this blog. Besides being an awesome outlet for me and of course hitting you all with my incredible wit and charm….the question is, where am I going with this?

I do not want this to be a mom blog….ever. I have stated that many times and will stick to that until I shut this bitch down. There are a gazillion mom blogs out there that I love. And that I hate. But most have nailed it. And those that don’t are just straight up mom shaming. And I can not deal with that either. I want to write and focus my writing on something I have nailed, and motherhood will never be in that catagory.

But what have I nailed you ask???? Welp, besides living frugally for my entire life, mowing through cheese dip and procreating the most adorbs kids ever, I have also nailed LOVE.  SOothat my friends, is what this year is all about.

What the fuck is cooler than love? I have experienced so many sides of this incredible love journey, and love is truly an incredible thing. Love is what really drives this world and I am so excited to reflect on it, explore it and spread it.

So as I take you all on the journey of my love life we will eventually get to what brought me here. To this site. How did I fall in love and get nailed down as The Shitty Housewife? We will travel through all of my stories that lead me to the of the greatest love of my life, which is my husband. Although my love life has been hard, scary, rough, exhausting and ultimintley hysterical, it has been fucking incredible. And I am honored to have felt all the feels, cried all the tears and broke all the hearts to arrive in this relationship as Matt’s wife…..and what is shittier than talking about old flames, right????

Anyway, I am super stoked to have found my path. I hope you guys are excited, because I know I am. This blog means a lot to me and although I will always welcome so many different ideas, focusing on love and wifing is my voice. I fucking nailed both, right?!

But don’t worry, my wit will always shine through and I know you will all be laughing your ass off at my expense. I am excited to open up and show you this journey. There is nothing more entertaining than a love story right?!

So sit back, relax and LET LOVE RULE!


The Shitty Housewife

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