My blog, The Shitty Housewife has been around for over a year. And although it has done well, I have never been one to get giddy about an abundant amount of shares, reposts, likes and tags. Wait, let me rephrase that. I get giddy if I get one like or a share (even if that share is just my mom!) But I have never gotten a bunch of them because of one post. A handful yes. Several yeah….but a TON…never. Until Sunday.

Sunday, I woke up and was mortified, disturbed and deeply saddened by the news. I was desperate to find out what happened in Charlottesville was a big cruel joke and we, as a nation were being punked. The worst punking ever….but we were not. A bunch of spoiled, closed minded, racist douche bags attempted to make a statement about our country and it turned into a horrific scene that ended up with several injured and one, dead. A bunch of narcissistic assholes decided that whites have been suppressed (what in the actual fuck) and they needed to sport their khakis, tiki torches and nazi waves and make a scene. Welp dickheads….you did make a scene….and no one will ever forget.

Like what the fuck was that????

I will tell you what it was.

Horrible. Disrespectful. Hateful. Atrocious. Disgusting. Like none of the things you wanted it to be, right ,white dudes….not one.

And side note….although our President is one of my very least favorite humans to ever exist, I am not blaming him. I blame him for letting people believe in hate. I blame him for letting people think discrimination is ok. I blame him for only having respect for rich, white men…..but I do not blame him for this.

These idiots were men. That guy who decided that ramming his vehicle into a shitload of HUMAN BEINGS was 20. Fucking 20 years old. He knows bad from good. He knows right from wrong. He knows protesting from terrorism. His poor mom…….she must feel dead inside. Her son took someone’s life because he is a racist pig.

Look if you are not pissed about this, you are wrong.

If you got on social media and talked shit about the Women’s March or said the Black Lives Matter Movement was wrong… best be getting behind your computer and going crazy over this! YOU FUCKING BETTER.

If you are mad that people are sitting down during the national anthem during a fucking football game because it is not patriotic and you aren’t mad about this, then there is a problem. There is nothing more UNPATRIOTIC than what happened in Charlottesville. FUCKING NOTHING!!!!

BUT there is hope…right?! I have to believe there is. And Sunday, after I woke up once again, weeping for humanity, I posted something on social media which was small and simple. Something that I did with my children that meant so very much. Something that I wanted everyone to see. People who were just as sad as me and people who didn’t understand why I was sad. I needed comfort and although this post does have a strong sense of fear behind it, the innocence of it made Sunday a tad bit easier.

I posted this


This post. This small and simple post got the most shares, reposts, likes, comments that I have ever received on any Shitty Housewife thing that has ever existed. EVER. YOu guys went nuts over it and made me feel like humanity wasn’t all terrible.

This picture of 5 kids, all different races, sizes, colors, backgrounds, telling the world that they are watching. These 5 BEST FRIENDS, who adore each other and see each other as one thing…humans, are praising love and peace. TOGETHER. These 5 complete strangers, forced to play together one day because their dads befriended each other, didn’t see anything but another kid who was cool and now have ‘slumber parties’ and ‘girls days’ and have nothing but love for each other. They don’t even realize they are different….BECAUSE THEY AREN’T.

These 5 kids, whom I personally LOVE are watching us. Watching YOU. Watching the WORLD. And I will not allow them to see what happen on Sunday and think that is ok. You should not either. This generation behind us, this generation that we are raising. This generation that is our future deserves better. We must do better for them. Screw us, because at this point, we are screwed. But let’s not screw them.



Please world, please.

Thank you all for reposting this picture. Although I do try to be funny and keep things light, I am deeply affected by so much and this affected me terribly. But you all shared away and gave me such a sense of pride. Pride I sometimes give up on these days in this world. But the fact that my silly, quirkey, goofy blog shared THIS post so many times made me so proud. We all are not shitty. There is love. There is peace. There is hope for these kids, OUR KIDS. So thank you. Thank you all for spreading this post and making sure everyone knows that our actions now affect our future. Thank you for letting people know….THEY ARE WATCHING.


The Shitty Housewife

Jan O


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