My Husband has become a HUSBAND


7a62a05420e76942b1dede296e5b0968--special-person-special-peopleSo I have been married for almost 2 years now. Pretty crazy, right??!! I do find it a bit insane that I am a wife. Even after being with Matt for this long, having so many kids, commiting to such an intense and deep relationship….it still just shocks me that I have a husband. When I was younger I  envisioned a future with kids sans a man….but as destiny would have it, I did actually have a soul mate and I was lucky enough to find him.

So we will be entering our second year of marriage at the end of October. And with everything in life, newness can fade and reality becomes very present. What I am saying is….my husband has become a husband and has began doing husbandy things that a boyfriend would NEVER do…….

Matt has always been a real go getter. Like never stops. Always has a task to accomplish and I love that about him. But lately, he wants me so involved in all this shit. I’m mowing the lawn, washing cars and the worst….MOVING HEAVY FURNITURE. Ugh, I can’t fucking stand that shit. All the sudden he wants me to hep him move some huge ass couch that weighs more than me downstairs?? WTF. He would never ask his girlfriend to do that. But I am no longer in that category. I am his wife, so he is like, muscle up sister.

We have both always been super social people. And even after kids, we have managed to continue to be. But lately, I am all tired and just want to sleep and he wants to keep hanging out. And I can complain and bitch like the best of them and I still will come home to neighbors over, all perky and I just man up and get the chips and dip going. But that is a total husband move. A boyfriend would for sure walk on a few eggs shells there, and hold off on the company, right?!

Like today…TODAY!!! He hurt his foot but still HAD to blow the leaves. I told him of course I would, because he is hurt and I don’t want him to feel worse. What he failed to tell me is that he wanted the leaves on the ROOF blown. Then proceeds to hold the ladder and wait for my afraid of heights ass to climb up…..I tried but had a meltdown and now he is making fun of me with his gimpy ass. Totally husband move.

The biggest husband move he has made was last month. I came home to one of Matt’s purging fest. Where he goes room to room and throws a bunch of shit away. I love that he does it… less thing for me to do. But I come home and see a pile of clothes in a “donation” bag. No big deal. Except as I take a closer look and see what’s inside…my favorite (and his least favorite) pair of sweat pants. MY SWEAT PANTS! Yes, they are old, and have holes and maybe aren’t that flattering but, they are mine. That fucker was going to just donate those things without even telling him. WHAT A DOUCHE!!! Of course I called him out on it and he wasn’t even that apologetic. He said they were gross and he was going to buy me new ones. A boyfriend would never phathom throwing your gross sweats away. Only a damn husband would.

And I am sure I am doing wife things that I would have never done as girlfriend and I don’t even realize it….but I am The Shitty Housewife, so I have an excuse.

I mean when you are in the same living space with someone after a certain period of time, these things naturally happen.  And when you are so close and experience huge life events and build a strong partnership, comfort is bound to creep in. And it is so comforting to know I am so close to someone I love so much. It has been a very interesting development in this whole marriage thing. Of course there are countless amazing things that have escalated since our wedding but these SUPER HUSBAND things are rearing their ugly heads. And although irritating, they are always entertaining. And of course always plenty of wifely ways to get back at him.

I mean we did say forever, might as well keep each other on our toes!!!


The Shitty Housewife

Jan O

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