Cameron Diaz and Kyle Chandler


So it is that time of year. BACK TO SCHOOL. I can not believe that summer is over already. I mean, that shit went so fast!!! I am shocked that Tuesday I will be packing lunches, setting kid alarms and back in to the old school routine. I thought I would take today to thank some hotties who have played teachers (sexy ones at that) and let them run our Monday!

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher was CRAZY HOT!! (Of course working next to Justin Timberlake was a bonus.) But she was so sexy with her beautiful smile, ripped abs and incredibe long legs. It was a great movie and although JT was kinda lame, Cameron made up for it big time.

Kyle Chandler played Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights. One badass teacher and coach. He was always so hot at any roled he played on that show. He could teach me a fw things anyday!!

So as you take those First Day of School pictures and get those back packs packed, take a moment for yourself and enjoy some of the hottest educators ever.


The Shitty Housewife

Jan O


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