Black Bean Burgers

So I have been trying to be healthy and attempting to eat less meat. It has been going great! I love cooking and now that my garden is in full swing, I am vegging it up. But I still want something hearty, as does the rest of the family. So I decided to try and make homemeade black bean burgers.

I was so exited because I found loads of recipe ideas and even more excited that I had almost all of the ingredients….THAT SHIT NEVER HAPPENS!! I was SO excited to try these because I love them so much premade. I assumed they woud be a million times better fresh. So here we go!!


2 Cans of Black Beans, drained and divided

2 Cloves of garlic

1 Small Yellow Onion

Parsely, Cilantro and any fresh herbs you want to add

1 Egg

1 Cup Breadcrumbs

STEP ONE: Put 1 can of beans, onion and garlic in food processor. I have a Ninja, which I freaking love and it worked great!!


STEP TWO: Pour other can of beans in a bowl. DRAIN THEM WELL!!!!


STEP THREE: Add egg, salt, pepper and all the herbs you would want and pulse in processor.IMG_20170511_151800

STEP FOUR: Let the tantruming commence….


STEP FIVE: Pour processed mixed in with the whole beans, add bread crumbs and mix.

STEP SIX: Realize your children are never going to sit through this process and work on Plan B.

STEP SEVEN: Take mixture and make into patties.


STEP EIGHT: PLAN B…give them pizza. Not healthy and not vegetarian, but everyone stopped whining.


So yeah, this really happened. Call it bad timing, but tonight was not the night for patience in this house. Sometimes we force it, other times, we let it win. So whatever, they had pizza and the patties are in the freezer and we wil try again this weekend. True recipe tales of The Shitty Housewife….don’t get more real than this!


The Shitty Housewife

Jan O


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