Why you should talk shit to people…


Being “nice” has created quite an issue in our society. I am not talking PC here, because that’s not what creates the biggest change in the world. What changes the world is how we talk to each other. How we interact and deal with each other. How we tolerate each other.

I say fuck being politically correct and here is why.

It used to be that kids could play down the street without a parents eyes on them at all seconds. My mom could rest easy knowing that someone is there to help if something happens. And my mom could whoop my friends’ asses as well as mine if she caught us doing some bullshit (and best believe she did.) Now, a parent wont tell a kid to get out of the damn street when cars are coming in fear that another parent will get upset, or because kids just aren’t outside in the world anymore…

It used to be that when you were having a house party, you go talk to the neighbors and give them a heads up and the open invitation to let us know if we got too rowdy. Now, a party gets a little loud and the cops show up at your door and your neighbors hide behind their blinds to avoid confrontation.

It used to be that when your neighbor ties his dog up outside and it barks incessantly, you would go talk to them and try to find a good solution for the dog and the owners where everyone was safe and happy. Now, animal control shows up with a citation but not more, a rescue warrior steals the dog, and the neighbors just get a new one to start the cycle again.

I read a story the other day that a woman was getting out of her car at her apartment complex and slipped on wet brick and broke her arm. Her first thought was to hire a lawyer to sue the complex. She never told the manager of the complex, never asked them to fix the issue or give her a deal on rent while she was out of work, nothing. She just lawyered the hell up. What do you think they did when they got that fancy letterhead? They lawyered the hell up right back at her and won. Now they have this shitty tenant-landlord relationship and zero mutual respect. Now they will feel the need to constantly be on the defensive and may not give any other tenant any kind of slack or help to protect themselves.

I’m not saying that there aren’t new issues that have arisen that create a more difficult road to relationship recovery, but shit, man. What happened to us talking to each other before bringing in higher authority? When did we become so afraid of dealing with our fellow humans that we felt the need for a mediator? This is what is wrong with the world today. We aren’t dealing with each other as neighbors, coworkers, parents, friends, family, human beings. We are expecting someone else to take care of it for us. Whether it be for our protection or theirs, it is bullshit.

I’m not going to go as far to say ‘snitches get stitches’ but snitches get under my damn skin and create a really difficult to navigate world. We need to start handling our shit like adults again and come together as a community like it used to be. You don’t like someone? That’s fine, but don’t get petty and snide. You don’t agree with someone? That’s fine, but don’t expect them to change their views to make you happy. Your kid beating on someone? That’s fine, wait, no it’s not. Come on over, Barbara, let’s chat over margaritas.

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