Thursday Thoughts


So I have always been a ‘girl power’ kinda chick, but lately my feminist side has really been feeling strong. As I get older and as I see my daughter develop into an actual human, I truly do see women being the underdog. I know it has been that way for centuries and I also know that women have it much better than some groups of people. But today I am focusing on us. Us vaginas. And the reality that we aren’t given the credit we deserve.

We have always been considered the weaker sex. But think about it….wouldn’t the stronger sex be the one’s who can grow a human inside of them? Wouldn’t the stronger sex be the one’s who had to give up their body for 9 + plus, then push an entire human out of a very small hole. Wouldn’t the stronger sex have to then feed and nurture the baby with their own body part. The fact that we are considered weaker yet we bear the children is just an extremely odd thought.

We also have way more blame to deal with. If someone gets accidentally knocked no one is walking around looking at the guy all shady. Trust me, I have been there. When I found out I was pregnant with Viv, I heard people say shit like, “Oh, locking him down” and “Sure you took your birth control.” No one said shit to Matt. Just talked about his super sperm and what a man he was. Not only did I have to deal with a multitude of body adjustments, but also constant questioning and second guessing of myself. I survived. So wouldn’t all of that  make me the stronger of the 2 between Matt and I?

And they idea that when someone is weak they get called a pussy. What the fuck is that??? I have been flicked/gabbed/hit in the pussy and was just fine. But Jesus….barely tap some dude in the balls and GAME OVER. He is down on his knees crying like a little bitch. And in the act of sex pussy’s are the ones getting pounded, not doing the pounding, which again, receiving a pounding is a lot harder. So this whole idea of calling someone a pussy as a result of weakness is fucking wrong. Next time someone calls me a pussy, my reply….DAMN STRAIGHT.

I know, I know, we have taken strides thanks to some amazing women. But every once in awhile I just wish we had taken larger ones. I wish locker room talk didn’t exist. I wish when a man violated a woman he would have to pay his dues and not be excused. I wish that it was true that my daughter will have the exact same opportunities in life that my sons will. I wish that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. The kitchen in the White House, while she is drinking a cold beer, asking her First Man if he had a nice day.


The Shitty Housewife



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