Shittiest Move of the Week


My shittiest move is kinda not mine. Well, it is, but it is because of my husbands actions that I am being shitty. He is currently doing something that is annoying and I am planning on being shitty when he gets home. Ya see, he was suppose to go out with a buddy tonight. An early night because we have shit to do, always. Well, this early night is still going on and it ain’t that early anymore. So he is shitty. And I will let him know for the next day or so.

I do not care that he is out. I mean, I kinda do. I mentally have a harder time these days, going out and letting go. I do. Unless I am with him. It is some weird shit I am going through personally. He encourages me to go out and be free and have fun. But for some reason I don’t. And right now I am okay with that.  I have gone through a shitload of mental, physical, social, financial and psychological change sin the past 5 years. Girls night has become something SO unfamiliar to me. I miss it, but it seems so far away. And again, I am cool with it. I will get back out there one day soon, I know I will. But for now, back to him being an ass.

Anyway, I do not care that he is out. I care that I was told a time he would be home and that time came and went. I care that I was looking forward to some time with him after he went out and now that is gone. I care that he can still feel free and I have some weird hang up. Either way, I have been sitting here, texting with his buddy’s wife about what assholes they are. I am planning on giving him the silent treatment. I am thinking about the mean shit I can say to “get back” at him. And why???? He is my husband. I should just call him a douche, and get over it right. I mean, we are committed forever right? In the grand scheme of a “forever” marriage, him going over the time frame he originally claimed to hangout with a friend (who I love and respect) is not that bad. But as a wife and a women, I also have feelings that creep up no matter how confident and comfortable I am in my relationship.

So the shittiest move is a two parter in the O house this week. Him being shitty for this and me being preemptively shitty waiting for him to get home. Ugh…..

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