Eric Taylor and Michelle Pfeiffer


Welp, it is that time of year. BACK TO SCHOOL! Grab your trapper keep and back pack (although nowadays it is more like grab your ipad and roller luggage.) So since this week marks the first day of some bells ringing, I thought for this Masturbation Monday I would feature actors who have played the role of teacher in a very sexy way.

Eric Taylor from ‘Friday Night Lights’ and Michelle Pfeiffer from ‘Dangerous Minds’

Although I never watched Eric in this particular role, I have heard he NAILED it. And nothing is hotter than a coach who cares about his students, works hard for his family and who can blow a whistle in all the right ways. Michelle, although as of late, has changed her looks a bit, is beautiful. But she worked that shit in Dangerous Minds. Coolio wasn’t the only one who boomed after that movie. She was raw, rough and tough. Something we all like to think about when we are enjoying our Monday time!

So happy back to class. If you have time to rub on out before first period, then I hope it is to these two! Now hurry up….I don’t want to cause anyone detention!


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